Belgian Knockdown Championship


Ryo Dojo organises for the first time the Belgian Knockdown Championship with the support of BFKK (IFK branch Belgium), Shinkyokushin Belgium and Rengokai Belgium. It is an open Belgian Championship. We hope to receive many fighters from all organisations nationally and internationally.


We provide five categories for adult (18+) fighters. Men -70/-80/+80 and women -65/+65. We are aware that the world championship is only 5 weeks later in Valencia. We hope that contenders for the world championship consider this a good try-out of skills and that it may be an opportunity for fighthers who are not selected for the WK in Valencia.


Dojo information


Each dojo or organisation is allowed to register two fighters for each category. In principle, national teams or organisations could register more participants if they fill in multiple forms.

However we advise against it to make the competition as attractive as possible for all participants. If there are vacant spots beginning march 2022, these can be filled even if there are already fighters registered.


International teams who need a visa to enter Belgium need to register before the end of january 2022. That gives us enough time to make all necessary arrangements.

We are not organising the travel to Belgium, either by plane, train or car. Those arrangements need to be made by the registering dojo or organisation.


Entry Tickets 


You need to select the amount of entry-tickets for fighters, referees, coaches and support staff. Due to capacity restrictions of the venue you can register this number of individuals:


  • We have a maximum of 32 fighters in each category.
  • You can register a maximum of two fighters in each category (25€ pp.) 
  • You can register three coaches but maximum the number of fighters. (free)
  • You can register 5 referees. (free)
  • There is no limit on the support staff or supporters you wish to register. (20€ pp.)


After registration you will be able to download all the tickets. The tickets are not linked to the names of the registrees. Ofcourse, all tickets can only be used once.


Participant information


We ask you to fill out all information on fighters, coaches and referees. We reserve the right to ask this information on a contractual basis (entry-fee) and legitimate necessity (essential to tournament organisation). (GDPR)


All participants will receive a link to enter our system and our Twizzit app where they can follow all information regarding the tournament. We will use the chat and news-functions of this app to update you on developments and timing before and during the tournament. After the tournament, you are free to ask us to delete your information.


Hotel stay, transportation and sayonara party


You can order your hotel stay, transportation and a ticket to the sayonara party with our organisation. This is not mandatory ofcourse and you are welcome to make your own arrangements completely or partially. Our offer is however a unique opportunity to be considered:


  • Two nights in hotel Dolce La Hulpe****, breakfast included. (240€ per dubbel bedroom)
  • Transportation from Zaventem airport, Charleroi airport or Brussels international trainstation by taxi. (cost depends on the taxisize and the distance)
  • Sayonara Party at Dolce La Hulpe - Buffet at the Argan, drinks not included, and party in the Oak Bar. (20€ fighters/35€ non fighters)


The offer for the hotel stay is available untill 31 of march 2022. After this date there will be a bookingslink available to book rooms at the hotel subject to availability.

We strongly advise you not to wait to book your accomodation.


Alternative transportation from arrival to hotel and back

We organise transportation from the airports and railstations in Brussels to the hotel and back with a taxi service.

Although this is the most relax and easiest way to get where you need to go, it is relatively expensive.

There is also a possibility from Brussels Airport Zaventem en from Brussels South International Railstation to take the train to where you need to be.

From Zaventem, this means taking the train to trainstation 'Brussels North' and then changing trains to Hoeilaart (station GROENENDAAL). From Brussels South it means changing trains in the same railstation as the international train, but you can get to Hoeilaart (station GROENENDAAL) in one trip. Expect some discomfort, some delays and some confusion, the Belgian railroads are not the best in the world.

But,...such a ticket only costs €20,60 a person from and back to the station GROENENDAAL and we can arrange a pick-up from the station GROENENDAAL to the hotel and back. Just let us know.


Transportation from the hotel to the venue and back on 30 april will be provided by the organisation.


Adult fights in the following categories:


  • Men -70/-80/+80kg
  • Women -65/+65kg


Protection and equipment


  • Adequate karategi and obi
  • Instep shin guards (shin and foot is covered)
  • Cross protection for men
  • Chest protection for women - only cups are allowed, plexus must be free.


Conditions of participation


  • Online application form has been correctly completed and fees paid
  • The participant can prove his identity by means of the ID card or passport
  • The participant has a medical certificate that allows him to practice this sport competitively (certificate not older than 1 year)
  • The competitor is insured for physical damage
  • The competitor is willing to participate in a doping test


The IFK knockdown rules apply

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